CPVC – Overlooking Expansion and Contraction is a Big Mistake

I would say the number one most over looked issue with CPVC fire sprinkler systems most fire sprinklers designers fail to address is dealing with expansion and contraction of the CPVC pipe.  All CPVC pipe is made from plastic which has many advantages over steel pipe;  plastic pipe is non-corrosive, lighter weight, cheaper then steel, and has great hydraulic characteristics.  However, it does have its draw backs.  One of which is its ability to expand and contract with the swings in ambient temperature due to the highly elastic nature of plastics.  As the sprinkler system expands and contracts over time, it puts additional stress on the fittings and joints holding the system together.  To much stress and the pipe or fittings may crack creating a slow, dripping leak in the system or may shatter the pipe joint completely. Continue reading “CPVC – Overlooking Expansion and Contraction is a Big Mistake”