A Helpful Way to Get Aquainted with a New Project

When the inevitable new project gets handed off to the fire sprinkler designer, many of us feel tempted to immediately open up the drawings to the reflected ceiling plan to get an idea of the project scope.  However, just referencing these drawings is not sufficient enough to familiarize yourself with the entire project.  Over they years, I have developed a simple and helpful way  to become familiar with a project during the start-up phase and it may help youtoo.  What I do is simply follow the architectural sheet index/table of contents in order.  If you look at one, it’s organized in a fairly logical order and flow of work.  It usually begins with some kind of general information sheet, and life safety plan, then to the site/civil information.  Next the architectural drawings and then to the structural and mechanical trades.  I will explain why following this flow of drawings can be very helpful. Continue reading “A Helpful Way to Get Aquainted with a New Project”